Roger Spinti is an award winning photographer and long-time member of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops (RDPW). He developed a passion for photography at an early age, being introduced to photography by his uncle. Roger started experimenting with photography on his own, learning mostly through trial and error.

At Montana State University, Roger majored in engineering, but still remained focused on his passion for photography. While there he also took classes to fine tune his developing eye.

After 20 years working as an engineer in the semiconductor industry, Roger now devotes all of his time to photography. Currently, he assists in several of Richard Dischler’s workshops, including Basic & Advanced Studio Lighting and Glamour Lighting. His work has been displayed in the Keeble and Shuchat Photography Gallery, as well as the Peking Duck restaurant as part of the RDPW rotating exhibits. Roger has won several awards at the San Mateo County fair, and most recently, Roger’s work was published on the Relief International and Veteran’s Affairs Websites showcasing his work in the Philippines.

Whether it’s his digital SLR or a pocket point and shoot, Roger rarely leaves home without a camera.